Monday, November 2, 2009

A quick casserole

We were out for dinner last night and were lucky to come home with some leftover roast venison .

I decided to chop the sliced venison and add it to my casserole dish.

Cook 2 cups of elbow macaroni for 10 minutes and drain. Add 4 ounces of softened cream cheese and mix well.

In a skillet, saute 1 lb of ground meat with 1 chopped onion and 1 cup sliced mushrooms. Add 8 oz tomato sauce, 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes, 1 tsp of sugar, a shake of Worcestershire sauce and 2 minced cloves of garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix in leftover venison and 1 cup of sour cream. In a casserole dish, add 1/2 the noodles, 1/2 the meat mixture and repeat. Top with grated cheddar if you like. Cover and bake at 350 degrees F for ~45 minutes.

I served this with a tossed salad with a vinaigrette sauce and sauteed green beans with garlic, grated ginger and touch of maple syrup.

It tasted pretty good! Not as boring as a usual casserole.

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