Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Crab Quiche with a butter crust

Next week we will be having my sister-in-law and brother-in-law come to visit from North Bay. They should be arriving early afternoon so we'll be having a little munch when they arrive. I have decided to make a crab quiche...the recipe is from search "crab quiche" and it will pop up.

The crust can be a bit finicky so I made it today and put it in the freezer for the morning they arrive. The easy part is preparing the filling, then all you have to do is just pour the filling into the shell and bake in time for shortly after their arrival. I alter this recipe just slightly...I use imitation crab (it tastes just as good)...and if I don't have fresh cilantro on hand, I use a tsp of dried. This will be served with a romaine lettuce salad with diced peaches and cranberries and a poppy seed dressing. The dessert is an oatmeal cookie which is a recipe I'll share with you later. It is in one of my other favourite magazines "Cooks Illustrated".

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