Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back ribs for dinner

These fall off the bone ribs can be prepared in advance and "sauced" on the barbecue just before serving. I usually prepare 2 racks at a time, one for the freezer one to be sauced and eaten at a later date.

Cut each rack of ribs in half and place meaty side up on a double layer of tin foil.

Chop an onion and distribute between the 2 racks. Sprinkle with chili powder, a couple of tbsp of brown sugar per rack, a drizzle of red wine vinegar and a generous shake of Worcestershire sauce. Seal in foil and place on indirect heat on the barbecue at 350 degrees F . Bake undisturbed for 2 hours .

In the mean time prepare the glaze... The cheater sauce is as follows: I use a chicken and rib sauce and a spicy piquant prepared sauce, equal parts of each (half a cup of each works)! Add 3 cloves of minced garlic and 1 quarter cup of maple syrup and a quarter tsp of hot pepper sauce. After 2 hours remove ribs from foil and place on hot side of barbecue. Glaze each side a few times with cheater sauce. Frank says the messier the barbecue , the taster the meat!!

I serve this dish with a Canadian version of fried rice.

And now the rice:

  • microwave 3 quarters cup of long grain white rice and 1 and 1 half cups of water in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and set asidec

  • slice4 slices of bacon in quarter inch pieces

  • dice 2 stalks of celery

  • dice 1 small onion (4 green onions I just ran out)

  • dice a small piece of cauliflower and broccoli

  • chop fresh asparagus into half inch pieces

  • dice 1 carrot

  • dark soya sauce to taste and colour

In a large frying pan, cook bacon on medium high heat until almost crisp (my sister Marcie would argue that the bacon has to be crisp)! Add all the vegies and stir fry for a minute. Add a little bit of water, cover with a lid for a minute. Add rice mix and sprinkle with dark soya sauce (I prefer the mushroom soy). The bacon and the soya sauce are salty so no need to add any. Heat through and serve.

Because there are so many vegies in this dish, I only serve the ribs and rice with a tossed salad.

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